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Hot Water Extraction


Fast drying time

Alarm Clock

 Kid and petsafe


What to EXPECT?

We use the industry leading method for carpet cleaning, hot water extraction (formerly known as steam cleaning), with fast drying times (3-6 hours). Our truck mounted unit makes it easy for us to access most buildings, home or units. We provide extra protection such as furniture corner protectors, shoe covers and floor runners. We take extra care when cleaning your home carpets and leave no trace behind, most companies don't take these simple steps. 

Our technicians can move furniture (up to 50 lbs) free of charge and we clean and sanitize to remove allergens and odors. We can even treat and sanitize pet stains - including yellowing & odor.  We also offer several options for stain removal including: wine, food and beverage, some reds, nail polish, ink, slime, coffee, and so much more. Homeowners don't usually know this, but most manufacturers warranties require carpet cleaning to be performed every 12-18 months to keep the warranty active.

Do you have an emergency that needs same day attention? Call us and speak to our technicians to schedule an emergency visit. We are here for you!

We offer deals and specials for military, veterans and seniors. Looking for the best professional carpet cleaner "near me"? Look no further.

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