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Updated: Feb 11, 2023

Carpet Cleaning in Thornton, CO
Thornton, Colorado

Fresh Start Carpet Cleaning & Restoration began serving the Thornton, CO area because we saw a need for a reputable and affordable carpet cleaning company that didn't nickel and dime its customers. We've built a business model around up front, easy to understand pricing without the need to break out a measuring tape. We price based on areas (rooms & stairs) only. That means hallways, closets and carpeted bathrooms are always free. Every service also comes with free vacuuming, spot treatments, furniture moving, grooming and shoe covers. We adamantly believe you should never pay extra for the steps that make your carpet truly clean. Other companies that have been in business for over 35 years are stuck in their ways and use old, outdated predatory pricing. We want to shake things up because we understand that we work for YOU.

locally owned & operated-

Our clients are always telling us how they prefer to use local companies and we don't blame them. Hiring a big box, corporate carpet cleaning company means the technician working in your home has a sales quota they must meet to be compliant. By the time the service ends, you find yourself paying hundreds more that the original quote. Not only do we guarantee our online, phone & in person quotes, we NEVER upsell on the job. We are a small mom & pop company and our technicians have zero sales requirements they must meet. This also means we can tailor our services to exactly what YOU need.

why we love carpet cleaning in thornton, co-

Incorporated in 1956, Thornton is the sixth most populated city in Colorado and boasts a diverse group of residents. With a rich sense of community, Thornton hosts several yearly festivities including Thorntonfest, Harvestfest and Winterfest. It has an extensive list of amenities ranging from parks, shopping and recreation to new apartments and accessible housing. Thornton, CO is a wonderful place to call home and we are so grateful we do!

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