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Upholstery CLEANING

Hot Water Extraction


Fast drying time

Alarm Clock

 Kid and petsafe


What to EXPECT?

Upholstery cleaning is a specialized service and requires knowledge in different types of materials & fabrics. Not everything can be cleaned safely. We come with this knowledge and can give an honest opinion. If we feel we will damage your item, we will tell you upfront. Putting the customer first and not their money.


We use the industry leading method for upholstery cleaning as well, hot water extraction (formerly known as steam cleaning), with fast drying times (2-6 hours). With our truck mounted machine we can come to almost any home, apartment, or unit. Indoor or outdoor furniture and couches can be cleaned and refreshed.  Our technicians can move furniture (up to 50 lbs) free of charge and we clean & sanitize to remove allergens and odors. We can even treat and sanitize pet stains - including yellowing and odor, all in your home. 

Do you have an emergency that needs same day attention? Call us and speak to our technicians to schedule an emergency visit. We are here for you!

 Looking for the best professional couch cleaner "near me"? Look no further. Contact us today for our seasonal specials on upholstery.

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