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Should I Hire a Carpet Cleaner or Replace my Carpet?

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Many of our customers ask us whether we can make their carpet look better. They are on the fence about replacing their carpet because they think it is in terrible shape, and they do not want to waste money on cleaning. We also encounter customers with very little soiling but heavy traffic wear that they hope can be cleaned away. The truth is often different from what you may expect. Many of the dirtiest, smelliest and most disgusting carpets can be cleaned and restored but there is no cure for worn down and fuzzed out carpet.

When deciding whether to have your carpet cleaned or replaced, the homeowner needs to evaluate two factors. The first factor is wear. While it is often deceiving, wear in a traffic area such as a hallway or entrance to the kitchen is typically more than just soiling. As the carpet is used, dirt collects and causes abrasions when stepped on. Fibers also start to flatten and over time can start to unravel and fuzz out causing these areas to look fuzzy, slightly darker or lighter, and hazy. Some carpet materials also tend to crush down and lose their resiliency, meaning that even after a good cleaning they will lay flat. These concerns cannot be cleaned away and if these are the homeowner’s primary area of concern, then it is probably best to replace your carpeting. For help with picking a new carpet material you can read our extensive guide here.

The second factor is how well your carpet will respond to cleaning. Most carpets are designed to be easily cleaned and to resist many stains. We find that most synthetic carpet responds well to odor and stain treatments for foods, animal feces, blood, grease, oils and more. There are some stains that are not always removable, and these tend to be acidic, such as juices, sodas, vomit and urine. The science behind cleaning these spots often call for using a weak acid to help lift the acidic dyeing that has occurred. If the source of the stain was strong and/or was allowed to dwell for a long period of time, the staining may be permanent. Homeowners with Nylon carpet need to be wary of these acidic stains and anything colorful. Nylon carpet, especially lighter colors, stain more readily than other carpet materials. This is due to Nylons affinity for acidic dyes to stick to the fibers. If you have a light Nylon carpet and your main areas of concern are heavy yellow pet stains that are ages old, you would be better off replacing your carpet.

We here at Fresh Start Carpet Cleaning love what we do, and we love serving the Denver area. If you have any questions about carpet cleaning or would like to speak with one of our professional technicians, reach out today.

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